Responsible developer of energy infrastructure

We focus on electricity network and heating business segments at Kainuu, to make everyday life smooth for all Kainuu residents


We create the foundation for change

Our work has a time-lasting and positive impact on the environment, climate change and society.


Energy company from Kainuu, Finland

Loiste is a Finnish energy company whose roots go back more than a hundred years. The core business is energy infrastructure, which includes the distribution and production of electricity and district heating.

The companies employ about 50 energy experts who work closely with an extensive network of partners.

We have a long history as providing electricity and heating safely with ambitious standards. We do our best that living also in future in Kainuu is as smooth as possible.
Lasse Aarnio
CEO, Loiste companies


The electricity network company Kajave is responsible for electricity production and transmission - for the development and maintenance of our area's network.

Loiste Lämpö

Our district heating company is responsible for the production and transmission of district heat in the Kajaani area - purely from Kajaani

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