Electrical network business operations

Electrical network business operations are managed by Kajave Oy, which is part of Loiste Corporation.

Our company’s task is to supply electricity evenly to all customers in our area and to manage electricity system services, which means the distribution of electricity and the development and construction, use and maintenance of the electrical network. We operate within the requirements set by the Electricity Market Act.

We are an electrical network operator with deep roots in Kainuu. We directly and indirectly employ hundreds of people and provide work for dozens of small and medium-sized companies.

We maintain and build a strong, smart electrical network, which can withstand even the worst storms and heaviest snowfalls in our expansive area of operation.

We are strongly and actively involved shaping the development of the energy industry.

We are enabling the growth of clean wind power in Kainuu and are also actively involved in taking Finland towards carbon neutrality. We are also a reliable and preferred partner for those of our customers who wish to become small producers of clean energy themselves. 

Our extensive partnership network ranges from contractors to technical support for successful work

Piiparinmäki tuulipuisto

Learn more about Kajave’s services, electrical contracts, and prices. There is also an outage map on the site, along with information about what to do in the event of an outage and how to report a fault.