Our story

You know how you want to live. We make it possible. We renew responsibly, building an energy infrastructure that makes everyday life possible as society undergoes change.

We’re familiar with creating new things. When we began by installing 43 street lights in Kajaani back in 1911, few dared to dream that today we would be expanding our electrical network with the help of hundreds of people, and that even more would be using electricity sourced from Finnish wind farms in Kainuu. Not to mention that our customers’ homes are kept warm using waste heat recovered from a data centre.

In the future, our customers will have even more choice. One may pick green energy, another may drive an electric car. A third might choose both. The most important thing is that everyone finds the solution they want. Our task is to ensure that daily life goes safely and smoothly. Every day.

We adapt, modernise and anticipate. We live life together with Kainuu residents.