District heating operations

Loiste Lämpö is clean, locally sourced heat from Kajaani. We produce and distribute district heating. Our activities benefit the region.
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Our district heating operations are located in Kajaani. We monitor and ensure that our customers have heating around the clock. 

District heating is a form of heating that supports sustainable development. It is suitable for properties of all ages and types. District heating is produced using combined heat and power production, where the energy content of a fuel is utilised with extreme efficiency. Almost without exception, district heating generates lower emissions than in property-specific heat production. In addition, we are strongly committed to our carbon neutral target through the continual modernisation of our production methods.

The majority of district heating is produced at Kainuu Voima’s (KAVO) combined heat and power production plant, which uses Finnish fuel. 

Our expertise is the finest in the industry. We are familiar with the area’s challenges and opportunities. We help entrepreneurs and decision-makers to choose solutions for the future that will retain local vitality. 

Otanmäen Lämpö Oy, a district heating producer and distributor in the population centres of Otanmäki and Vuolijoki, is also part of our district heating operations.


We recover waste heat from a data centre - ask for more information about our Green district heating
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Here you’ll find information about how to join our district heating network, plus connection charges and price lists. Our experts are happy to help!