Our vision

Our vision is to be a responsible pioneer in the energy industry, working to benefit our customers and society as a whole.

Why a responsible pioneer?

Energy infrastructure companies play a key role in achieving Finland’s climate targets and as Finland moves increasingly towards electricity. Achieving the targets requires concrete actions, to which we as an energy company are committed. We make change and success possible! 

What do we do to achieve our vision?

  • We are genuinely interested in people’s energy needs. We ask, listen, and modernise.
  • We provide excellent service experiences for our customers. We earn our customers’ trust.
  • We profitably modernise our operations. Our operations are efficient.
  • We make sure that our experts have the best competence in the industry. We find real solutions.
  • Our investments are responsible and well-timed. They correspond to the environmental targets we have set.


Success factors

Online operations

  • We modernise our operating models and improve cost-efficiency. We also take advantage of the benefits of digitalisation.
  • Our investment programme is progressing in accordance with our set targets.
  • We truly operate responsibly, and this extends to our stakeholders.
  • We improve wellbeing at work and take care of our professionals’ competencies.


Heating operations

  • We modernise our operating models and improve cost-efficiency.
  • Our roadmap towards a carbon dioxide-free production method is progressing profitably and as planned.
  • Our professional services and responsible operations solve our customers’ changing needs.
  • Operational development improves wellbeing at work and makes work meaningful.